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Mohammad Wasim expresses concerns over batters prioritising personal milestones and ICC rankings


Mohammad Wasim, the former chief selector of the Pakistan cricket team, has expressed his concerns regarding the team’s main batters prioritizing personal milestones and ICC rankings over the team’s success. He noted that this trend has resulted in their defeat in matches over the past five years.

According to Wasim, some of the team’s primary batters have focused more on achieving their personal goals rather than working towards the team’s objectives. This, in turn, has led to their losses in matches, despite their high-scoring individual performances. Wasim cited an instance where the team lost an ODI series even after their main batters scored five centuries in a single game.

However, Wasim did acknowledge the batters’ ability to adapt to changing circumstances, as seen in their previous ODI series against Australia. He pointed out that the team was able to elevate their strike rates from 70 to 100, resulting in a hard-earned victory.

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Despite this, Wasim remains cautious about whether the team will continue with the same approach in the upcoming series. He highlighted that success in cricket often depends on adapting to changing circumstances, but also noted that the current system of ICC rankings might hinder the team’s progress in finding a solution.

In conclusion, Wasim’s concerns reflect the need for the team’s batters to prioritize the team’s success over their individual achievements. While adapting to changing circumstances is essential in cricket, it is equally important for the team to work towards a collective objective, rather than being solely driven by personal goals and ICC rankings

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