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Viral Lecture on Babar Azam’s Batting Technique at International Coaching Cricket Center


Recently, a video of a lecture on the batting technique of Babar Azam has gone viral on social media. The lecture was delivered by a coach at the International Coaching Cricket Center in the United Kingdom, and it focused on the Pakistan cricket captain’s technique and stance while facing Australian bowler Pat Cummins in the 2019 World Cup match.
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The coach praised Babar’s “world-class” technique and urged his students to learn from his stance. He emphasized the importance of tracking the ball in the early stages of flight and waiting for it to come close before making a move. According to the coach, this is what makes Babar such a successful batsman.

The coach also highlighted Babar’s balance and composure at the crease. He explained that Babar keeps a close eye on the bowler and the ball, but does not move until the ball is close to him. This shows that he is focused and has a lot going on in his mind.

Babar’s ranking as number one in ODIs, and number three in Tests and T20Is, is a testament to his skill as a cricketer. He was also recently named Cricketer of the Year for his outstanding performances in 2022.

Overall, the lecture on Babar Azam’s batting technique serves as a great example for aspiring cricketers and fans alike, highlighting the importance of patience, focus, and balance in the game of cricket.

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